Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Not a lot..

Work,work,work. Boring,boring,boring.

Yes I know it's good for the soul and all that crap but I am fed up with writing about a never ending tale of small unexciting accomplishments - and I rather suspect that you are fed up with reading them too!

So lets get it over with fast, yes the list is going down , one or two unexpected surprises but nothing too earth shattering! Pretty fed up with the Edson pedestal. The wheel has developed a bit of a wobbly over the years, Nothing dramatic but in the spirit of preventative maintenance TBH took it to pieces to change the bearings and give it a good going over...

Well turns out we have the 'cheap and nasty' version that doesn't have a stainless steel sleeve, wot a surprise so theres a bit of wear. TBH thinks its the pressure from the monitor hub that afixes the wheel, and after 19 years, 9 atlantic crosssings etc I guess you can't really complain. Not that I would let a small detail stop me! Personally I think its worn from me hanging on for grim death as we plough our way through raging seas and storms...I always did have a rather over romantic view of life.

After the usual horrendous contortions in the lazarrete, hanging upside down, blind with a screwdriver in his left hand the gifted one managed to complete the procedure. Then reads in the literature that comes with the service kit that this should be examined DAILY when on a passage.. You have to be kidding Edson right? No friggin way is that happening at sea unless something breaks..

What planet are these designers of boat kit on!

Chocolate muffin making has become a bi-daily occurrence. I think my hormones must be raging as I have an overwhelming desire, craving, need for CHOCOLATE. Do you think it's my age? Nah just greed methinks!

Torrential rain last night, even for these parts. This morning there was a good 5" in the dinghy and the petrol tank was floating around like a kids bucket in an outgoing tide. No leaks aboard, isn't that wonderful and the sparayhood, that I have just re waterproofed, let not one drop of water through its canvas..yippee.
I was a bit worried about that as I used some stuff for waterproofing concrete drives, the genuine marine, over priced product not being available in these parts. As I splashed on the first brush full I was scared that the canvas would melt away before my eyes...

So sorry about the lack of excitment but I promise you things are changing, pilot guides are out and provisioning is happening, lists are being made and I am having some really weird dreams..

Watch this space!

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