Sunday, 30 September 2007

Further Chile update...

We have had a frothy day on the sea, max gust 48 knots, usual gusts 40 knots storm gib up and still going along at 7 knots. I was busy making cornish pasties, (as one does) and the wind switched off. We now have west 13 knots. the calm before the storm?

We have 537 miles to go, and feel very silly with a storm gib up, but there is no way I'm getting Adrian to do another change, we'll just have to slop around for a bit.

The waves are from the SW, 8 seconds from top of one to top of the next and about 6 metres, we also have a west swell which is a right little bugger and keeps pouring water down my neck.

It has been raining, butr not too bad.

We received this email about 2 hours ago, hopefully they have one final blast to get through and then they are on the homeward run. makes me very grateful to be here, safely on the river!

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