Friday, 2 September 2011

Goodnight Irene, come on down Katia!

Goodness time does fly when you are busy dodging hurricanes!

September is the BUSY month where these whirling dervishes are concerned and Irene kept us on our toes as she headed towards the eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. We took down the main sail (Needs some repair work anyway), took down the dodgers and the bimini. Secured everything else. Filled up with water, diesel and petrol. Ran the engine to get the batteries charged and....settled back with a good book whilst the chicken roasted in the oven!

As it turned out Irene made her turn to the north and we were left with just a day of 25 knot winds as she passed well to the east of us. But what a mess she made from North Carolina up to the Canadian borders. Boy are we thankful that we never made it that far North this year.

And now Katia is lining up, too early to see which way she will go but we won't be putting any canvas back up until the end of this month.

I am having great fun with my cooking, more to follow soon. TBH is mostly left sprwled on the sofa replete after yet another gastronomic experiment. Yesterday was Country terrine with a potato and green bean salad, really yummy!


Cindy Bonham-Miller said...

Glad you are safe. Miss you!

Ken said...

Good morning:
Missing your interesting posts on your blog. Would love to know how and where you are wintering. Only way I know you are OK, is because TBH keeps twittering.

Best regards