Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Hard to believe that it is still so chilly here, and the wind is still blowing pretty hard. Not as much as at sea mind you where the effects of the latest Norther are all too apparent in the height of the waves, yuck!

I have been putting the time to good use here, creating a terrifying order in the boat and shopping on ebay for all sorts of bits and pieces that TBH never knew I needed. Latest success is a brass tap unit for the galley sink, to match the brass spigots for the foot pumps that also grace that fixture. I am dead chuffed as I have been looking for ages for the right design and there it was, got it at a good price too...

Finally, after 9 years, I am managing to chuck away a lot of the stuff that we never use, make lists of equipment that we need to buy and even contemplate updating the interior of the boat. TBH has a sort of scared look in his eyes as I ask him what he thinks of this fabric or that colour...don't blame him either! last time this feeling came upon me we ended up completely refurbishing our cottage. Still it keeps me off the streets I say.

So apart from the large quantities of teak boards that still adorn both our and the aft cabin the boat is looking remarkably shipshape. It is gratifying that we are able to sail off within 30 minutes of making the decision now rather than the 3 days it used to take to stow everything away.

Just found a stash of kitchen towels that I had forgotten about and a rather natty Musto red shirt that TBH has grabbed to keep him warm this morning.

heyho back to looking for more buried treasures...

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