Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas exploits.

Well it's over. The boat is eerily tidy and still!

We had a great Christmas. Lucy and Alex finally arrived.

We spent a couple of days at Monkey Bay Marina so they could recover from their long trip and after curing the engine problems set off downstream towards the sea.

We cleared out of Livingstone with ease and enjoyed a three hour sail across the bay to a sheltered anchorage for the night. All looked promising for our passage the following day. It wasn't! The wind blew on the nose all the way, the seas did their wonderful impersonation of a washing machine on hot was! But we got there.

After 32 hours Fantasy Island loomed in the pouring rain, grey and dismal. We wondered what we had done!

But all was well, the sun came out, the waters went blue.

We had turkey, wine, cruiser's potluck. Alex and Lucy dived and snorkelled. TBH and I read our new books.

Fantasy Island lived up to it's name for our guests( we got ripped off a bit but that's another story).

The trip back provided NO wind but flat seas, dolphins aplenty even a fish!

They went yesterday.It rained as they left. We miss them a lot...


Second Summit said...

Was that Fantasy Island, Roatán? Could you say more about the 'ripped off' experience?

Wishing you all a delightful New Year!

--Maggie & Bill of Second Summit

Gerry said...

Yes it was Roatan...
More on the ripoffs in the next blog, in a day or two.
Happy New Year, we are downriver to avoid the fireworks and manic boat handling!