Thursday, 1 May 2008

Busy Days...

Goodness you certainly forget how full life can be with guests aboard! Our days are filled with ferrying people back and forth to the dock for diving sessions, lunch, collecting hire cars etc. One small hiccup when the outboard refused to run on the petrol that we bought as we left the Rio. Getting new stuff here was quite a performance! involving a cast of thousands, well 4-5, car trips, money exchange and so on...

Maria la Gorda is just wonderful if you have guests on board. Our kids wanted to do some diving and that is just what they have got. The water quality is unbelievable and even TBH has donned the kit and been out there enjoying the Life Aquatic! You have to go with the resort, which we think is fair enough. They are competent and professional and it saves us storing dive gear aboard for an extra five people.

Our time here is drawing to a close and we are getting ready to say farewell to at least some of the family, there is a chance some are going to stay on for a while...must be a success!Further east for those of us who remain. Onward in the search for the giant lobster!

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